Who works for Amplify?

The Amplify! programme is delivered by two DAPAANZ registered alcohol and drug youth practitioners who work alongside staff in the school and wider community.

What about privacy?

Everything we talk about in the Amplify! programme is confidential, which means that what we talk about remains private between us. However, we do work in a team with other student support staff at school and sometimes we need to share information to help best support our young people.

This is important in situations where the practitioner may be worried that a young person could be harmed or may be harming themselves or someone else. Young people are encouraged to let practitioners know if there are particular things they would like to remain between them.

How long does Amplify! last?

Groups are open throughout the term where young people can join whenever they want and stay for as long as they feel they require support. At the end of each school term, we have an endings session where we celebrate the achievements of our young people throughout the term. Each young person should be working towards achieving a goal by the end of the term, but can remain in the programme for longer than that if they feel as if they require more support.

How will Amplify! help me?

As a young person in Amplify! you will be supported to build skills in -

  • exploring who you are and who you want to become
  • setting and working towards achieving goals
  • making positive choices
  • dealing with your emotions in a positive way
  • building stronger relationships with your friends and families
  • learning how to cut down or stop using substances like alcohol and marijuana
  • learning how to make more positive decisions around substance use
  • working in a group setting
  • leadership
  • being proud of your identity