What it means for the Amplify! Programme

Odyssey House is very proud to be supporting our youth with earlier interventions through the Amplify! programme. We enjoy providing support within the community to ensure that our young people take advantage of all the opportunities that they can, and avoid getting stuck on a pathway towards addiction. Amplify! provides a service that is essential to support our future communities.
Sponsorship and donations will enable us to continue proactively reaching out to young people in need of support.

The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation

Odyssey House is very appreciative of the support from the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation, who enabled us to begin providing services within the Auckland Central suburbs. Their backing has not only enabled more communities, and more young people to receive support, but has also contributed to several links with other youth programmes also funded by the Foundation.
The corporate sponsorship levels are the same as the Odyssey House levels.