Feel inspired? Create your own using these sentence starters, film or record it, and submit it here to share your inspiration with other young people!

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This is the fun part!

We have included the following table as a bit of a guide on what sort of things you could be talking about.

Sentence starter Complete this sentence with Example

I remember when

A memory of something challenging that you have overcome

I remember when the first thought in my mind when I woke up was about weed

I felt

How you felt at the time

I felt trapped in a routine

Looking back now

What you think about the situation now

Looking back now, I can see how much strength I had to make a change

Now I feel

How you feel now

Now I feel strong and in control of my life

I love

Three things or people that you love

I love myself, my family, and that we support each other

I dream

Something you dream for

I dream of inspiring other people to be everything they can be

Someday I will

Something you would like to do

Someday I will be someone who I am proud of

I know I can because

Why you know you can do this

I know I can because I can feel my wairua getting stronger

I am

Something that you are

I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be


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