Amplify! is a programme that empowers young people to set challenging goals for themselves, and reach their potential. We do that by supporting young people to:

  • learn more about who they are and who they want to become
  • strengthen connections to their community, whanau, and school
  • learn and practice skills, such as using emotions in a positive way, and how to cut down and stop substance use

The Amplify! Programme is specifically designed to support young people in secondary schools whose lives are influenced by alcohol and other drugs.

It is delivered by two trained alcohol and drug practitioners (one male and one female), who work together with the fantastic school support staff team to support students.

The drug and alcohol expertise means that young people can receive specialist support to reduce their own substance use. At the same time, the practitioners can be flexible enough to tailor their work to also support young people at the other extreme, who may not be using substances heavily themselves, but are at risk of developing problematic substance use patterns.